Anders Eggert scored 18 goals against Gummersbach

Anders EggertSG FlensburgTOP handball scorers Fantastic SG Flensburg, Anders Eggert scored 18 goals and set the club’s record in the win against VfL Gummersbach 43:27 (20:13). Danish NT left wing proved once again that he is adequate substitute for the legendary Lars Christiansen. Eggert, now, the TOP scorer of Toyota Handball Bundesliga was totally in “good mood” against famous VfL and become fourth best scorer in one match in the history of the German Handball League.The best scorer in one match ever is HSV’s right wing, Stefan Schroder with 21 goals against Stralsunder in Season 2008/09.SG Flensburg-Handewitt – VfL Gummersbach 43:27 (20:13)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (19 saves), Weidner (n. e.) – Bastian, Karlsson, Eggert (18/7), Glandorf (4), Mogensen (2), Svan Hansen (3), Djordjic (3), Mocsai (1), Dibbert, Szilagyi (1), Kaufmann (8), Knudsen (3)VfL Gummersbach: Somic, Rezar – Schindler, Anic (1), Krause (2), Putics (1), Wiencek (3), Lützelberger, Mladenovic, Mahé (4/2), Pfahl (8), Gaubatz (1), Sprem, Zrnic (7) ← Previous Story TOP 10 starts to a season: Unbeatable Atletico, strong Kiel and Barca Next Story → THW Kiel ready for Partizan (PHOTO&VIDEO) read more

Polish Cup Vive Kielce easily past Glogow to face Wisla Plock in

cupicglogowPolandpolish cuprosinskistrlekvive kielce There was no surprise on Saturday in Legionowo – Vive Kielce won against Chrobry Głogów 41:22 in semi-final of the Polish Cup. The match was not expected to be hard to win, however Kielce claimed they were not going to underestimate the opponent. First minutes of the game showed the disparity between both teams though; Vive took the lead immediately and did not let it go till the final whistle. Chrobry could nohow deal with Kielce’s defence what was proved by only 8 goals scored in the first half. It was also a good match for the players that were injured until recently – Ivan Čupić, Manuel Štrlek and Tomasz Rosiński – who contributed to Kielce’s final result significantly. Polish Champions predominated over the team from Głogów for the entire time and they let themselves score a few impressive goals. The top scorer for Kielce was Tomasz Rosiński (7). On Sunday Vive Kielce is going to vie for the Polish Cup against Wisła Płock.TEXT: Martyna Usnarska ← Previous Story GAZPROM and SEHA sign 4-years deal – Hungarians request three clubs, Serbs return Next Story → Polish Cup: Wisla Plock and Vive Kielce to play in the final after both win read more

Junior WCh 2015 Day 4 Portuguese heroes Denmark win thriller against Korea

← Previous Story IHF Super Globe 2015 with Barca, Veszprem, Berlin, Al Saad…. Next Story → SEHA GAZPROM LEAGUE 2015/2016: Veszprem to defend trophy – Season starts on August 28 The team of the Day 4 at the Junior World Championship 2015 in Brazil is Portugal. The first competition for Portuguese generation 1994 could be very successful after they beat Serbia 27:24 (16:13) in the second round of the Preliminary Group, what was enough to take the “pole position” before the next challenge – tonight, Spain.Spain are back on the winning track after starting defeat over Qatar. Spanish boys beat Angola 32:21 easily to get back dose of selfconfidence.Romania beat Qatar 32:31 (16:16) after tie at the start with Portugal, which means that Group B will be more than only “interesting” until the last match of the Preliminary Round.STANDINGS:Portugal 3Romania 3Serbia 2Spain 2Qatar 2Angola 0Korea didn’t keep good pace from the first 50 minutes against Denmark, which was the reason for defeat at the end – 27:28 (16:13). The Koreans had 22:18 in 48th minute, but Danish boys took the last 10 minutes of the match more seriously, scoring 10 goals for 12 minutes.Argentina won the first two points against Algeria 23:19, while France had not stressful time like at the start against Algeria. Chile were too easy to past – 38:22.STANDINGS:Denmark 4France 4Korea 2Argentina 2Algeria 0Chile 0PHOTO: IHF read more

Jure Dolenec extends in Montpellier until 2019

← Previous Story VIDEO: Zamalek win point against Cesson with the buzzer Next Story → Cesson Rennes win Struga 2015 Slovenian right back Jure Dolenec is happy in Montpellier. The runners-up in the French championship extended contract with the important member of the squad until 2019. The 27 years-old lefthander has rich experience of playing at the VELUX EHF Champions League, where he had debut with Slovenian side RK Gorenje Velenje.He is also vital part of the Slovenian national team. Dolenec was a part of the team who won the fourth place at the World Championship 2013 in Spain.

EHF CL THW Kiel save honour against Wisla

6. Orlen Wisla Plock12327325:343(-18)8 4. THW Kiel12615337:332(5)13 After debacle against SG Flensburg, German champions THW Kiel saved the honour in the last minute of the VELUX EHF Champions League match against Wisla Plock 26:24 (14:14). Three missed 7-meter shots prevented Polish team from taking points in “Sparkassen Arena”, where Alfred Gislason guys had more luck than quality in the match in which points were expected.Domagoj Duvnjak netted 10 goals, while influence on the final result had also Niklas Landin.THW Kiel – Orlen Wisła Płock 26:24 (14:14)THW: Landin – Anić 2, Brozović 3, Canellas, Dahmke, Duvnjak 10, Ekberg 1, Ferreira, Jaanimaa, Jansen, Klein 3, Mamelund, Sprenger, Vujin 7, Williams.Orlen Wisła: Corrales, Wichary – Daszek, De Toledo 2, Ghionea, Kwiatkowski, Nikcević 2, Oneto 1, Piechowski, Pusica 1, Racotea 6, Rocha 7, Tarabochia 3, Wiśniewski, Żytnikow 1.STANDINGS: 3. MVM Veszprém11812319:286(33)17 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko11218293:315(-22)5 1. SG Flensburg-Handewitt11902339:290(49)18 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu111010298:372(-74)2 5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …11416280:286(-6)9 1. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…11902340:307(33)18 ← Previous Story Women’s EHF CL: Furious Vardar conquere Bucharest! Next Story → “Ljubo’s jungs” put SAP Arena on silence! read more

Meshkov Brest to sign Petar Djordjic

Ambitious Belarussian champions Meshkov Brest are on the way to sign contract with Serbian left back Petar Djordjic, finds out The 26-years old shooter announced departure from SG Flensburg Handewitt, where he couldn’t find more minutes on the court after series of serious injuries which put his career in different way.After HSG Wetzlar, HSV Handball and SG Flensburg (twice), Djordjic is ready to accept the first challenge abroad in his career.Djordjic is Serbian, but as his father Zoran was a famous goalie, he began proffesional career in Germany. Petar Djordjić ← Previous Story TOP 15: Johannes Sellin leads DKB Bundesliga TOP scorers Next Story → SEHA: Powerful RK Celje PL smash Tatran Presov at the end of regular season

3 MONTHS WITHOUT ACTIVITIES Slavisa Djukanovic is out of hospital

← Previous Story POWERFUL GOALIE GENERATION: “Old like a wine”, who will replace them? Next Story → Shock for PSG Handball in Nimes – Montpellier Handball are new leaders in France! The French PAUC goalkeeper Slavisa Misha Djukanovic is out of the hospital after heart-attack which he suffered ten days ago. The 38-years old goalie of the ambitious French team, was in coma after he collapsed during training session last Monday, but now, he began a process of recovery.Djukanovic is at home and won’t be able to practice in the next three months.However, it is still unknown will he continue his proffesional career or not. PAUC HandballSlavisa Misha Djukanovic

VIDEO Where is the ball

← Previous Story Strahinja Milic leaves RK Vardar Skopje Next Story → Kazan 2018: Surprising QF participants – Greece and Iran “in”, Qatar “out” Semi-final matches at U20 EHF EURO 2018 in Celje will be played tonight where Slovenia – Portugal (19.30) and Germany – France (17.00) will take place at “Zlatorog”.Here are some moments of magic from the tournament done by Slovenian kids – generation 1998…

Union chief ESB are refusing to engage in discussions

first_imgUNIONS AT THE Electricity Supply Board are to conduct a ballot for industrial action in a dispute over pension arrangements.Shop stewards in Dublin yesterday afternoon voted unanimously to ballot.Speaking to today, Brendan Ogle, the secretary of the ESB group of unions said a special meeting will be held on Thursday to co-ordinate the ballot.Matter of weeksHe said this is not something that will take a long time. “We are not going to drag this out over a few months, this will be done in matter of weeks,” he said.Mr Ogle said the ESB has changed the company’s pension scheme from a defined benefit system to a defined contribution scheme.“These changes were made without any agreement or consultation being made with the unions. It’s important they realise that the implications of this is very, very serious,” he said.He said that the ESB is the largest pension scheme in the state and the ESB Defined Benefit pension scheme has existed since 1942.PensionsMr Ogle said “the ESB are refusing to engage in any discussions. This is an organisation that has hundreds of millions in profits each year,” he said, adding that the unions understood that many people around the country are having difficulties with their pensions, but said the difference with the ESB is that unlike other employers that have changed workers pensions from defined benefit system to a defined contribution schemes, the ESB are making huge profits.He said that 200 shop stewards were balloted yesterday and all unanimously voted to ballot workers, which he said “if that is an indication of the feeling on the ground, I would think that workers will vote to strike, but that is up to the members”.He said if the ballot to strike was passed it would result in a nationwide strike of all ESB workers.Read: Profits of €194 million at ESB during 2012>Read: ESB investigating cause of dramatic-looking electrical fire>last_img read more

Conor Deegan AllIreland was a dogfight and the Dubs fought harder

first_imgGOING INTO THE weekend an awful lot us were primed for an upcoming spectacle. We had the weather and everything, an Indian summer, dry ball, the two best teams in the county and everything looked like we’d be in for a pretty good game.It certainly didn’t live up to the billing. It just never got going, it was a damp squib right from the throw-in.It would appear there were an awful lot of nerves on show, especially on the Mayo side. They came out and did well at the start, but they never really kicked on.Ultimate differenceThe ultimate difference was the class in the forward lines. I said before the game that Bernard Brogan up against Ger Cafferkey was possibly a huge pointer to the outcome.Brogan didn’t have his greatest game in the Dublin jersey, but he kicked 2- 3 in an All-Ireland final. On any day that’s a hell of a return. If he did nothing else – if he sat on the sideline and scored 2-3 – then it’d be a hell of an achievement. In a low-scoring game that was critical.The first goal, there’s no way he should have scored that. The ‘keeper should have come out full whack and taken everything. I had a keeper behind me that would have planted his knees in my back to clear that ball.When the game was in the melting pot, Dublin stood up on the day. We can talk about all the great free-flowing football all year, but ultimately when it boiled down to it they’re a team that dug out a result. They struggled in certain aspects of the game, but they fought and fought and fought to win that match.They’re going to take more from that than had they gone out and played champagne football. They struggled to a win, but they believed in themselves.They had guys who stood up: Paddy Andrews kicked a score from a standing position that was the starting point, then Ger Brennan came up and kicked a point from distance with his right foot – I didn’t know he had a right foot.They took responsibility, and for me that’s what it all boiled down to.What happened to the Mayo that trounced Donegal?Just to have Cillian O’Connor playing was an achievement for whoever got him on the pitch, but ultimately he was playing a fair bit from goal. Obviously, they didn’t want him in around the real impact areas. Around goal he has a great habit of creating goals, we’ve seen that this year, but although Andy Moran is after kicking 1-2, for me the forward line was toothless. They had the opportunities to win this game.It wasn’t just down to O’Connor not being fully fit though, it was a combination of everything.Beforehand there was talk that Mayo would be going with a plan of dropping a man back and ‘staying in the game’. That, for me, is an incredible mindset to go into any game with.What you’re stating is that you believe you’re not good enough and you have to hang on. Then, hopefully, the time will come to come out and play the football you’ve played all year.©INPHOIf you go out into Croke Park with that negative attitude it’s very hard to suddenly turn it around. Unless, of course, you’re conditioned to it – like Tyrone who can go out and bring a game down to a level that suits them.Tyrone are comfortable at that level, Mayo are not. Mayo have played great football all year until they got to an All-Ireland final, then all of a sudden we have the age-old problem that seems to befall Mayo players; on the pitch in an All-Ireland final they struggle to make the right choices. Ultimately, whether it be taking a shot on or giving a loose pass, that’s what it boils down to.It sounds too simplistic to say nerves, but what else can you say to explain them not hitting the passes. Dublin were putting them under pressure? Sure, to a point, but it’s nothing major, nothing they haven’t experienced this year already.Horan’s task is monumentalYou read about Andy Moran talking about Andy Murray or LeBron James and how if you keep chipping at the door eventually it’ll open.There’s no doubt that if you keep knocking at the  door long enough then, potentially, there is a chance of opening it, but unless you kick it open, it won’t open. There’s a chance they can come back, but I think this is another big body blow for a talented team and a talented group of lads.Winning an All-Ireland is the biggest thing any manager can have on his CV, but if James Horan can lift Mayo off the ground after this, then it’ll be an achievement above that.Two years on the  trot now they’ve lost finals in very contrasting ways. Against Donegal last year, they shipped two goals very early, but they kept going, trusted what they were doing and really went for it. For the rest of that game they out-scored Donegal. They still lost, but there is solace in that.Yesterday was a dogfight and they were outfought. Dublin stuck at it and had to use their full quota of subs early on. It was an opportunity for Mayo to kick on and they didn’t do it.Ugly or pretty doesn’t matter, winning doesWe talk about great teams in any sport you want – they work very hard when things are going poorly, they still find a way of winning. That’s what we seen yesterday, Dublin found a way of winning a match that maybe another day, if Mayo truly believed they could win, they wouldn’t have.That’s the thing that will hurt Mayo the most, they had the chances to put Dublin away, but they didn’t truly believe down in the pit of their stomach that it was going to happen.©INPHO/Cathal NoonanIt was substance over style for Dublin without a shadow of a doubt. I find it quite entertaining to read the stuff that starts coming out on twitter about cynicism.How bad was it? It was bad in the last five minutes when they were down to effectively 13 men and they pulled fellas down and made no bones about it.Would Mayo have been any different in the same position? I wouldn’t think so.The day of ‘this lovely game’, it’s gone, but if you want excitement there was buckets and spades of it.  I don’t know what a purist’s game is any more, but that was exciting stuff no matter how you look at it.Referee verdictI thought the referee came down  on Mayo’s side. He gave most 50-50 calls Mayo’s way. Are you telling me they only fouled Dublin four times in the second half? No way.You can look at cynicism or the referee helping out, the bottom line is Dublin did what they had to do. Finals are all about winning, it’s not about playing well, it’s not about being nice people, when you’ve trained and sweated as both sides have done all year, that’s all that matters. Supporters don’t care about anything else.In pics: Dublin players celebrate their All-Ireland win the morning afterMurph’s Sideline Cut: No choice for football-mad Mayo… they’ll be back once againlast_img read more

Very exciting gold targets discovered in Co Cavan

first_imgAN IRISH COMPANY has found gold targets in Co Cavan.Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc has announced that it has extended its gold interests in the Cavan/Monaghan area with the discovery of a series of further large gold-in-soil targets within the Slieve Glah area of Co Cavan.It said it discovered two new targets over 3km in length each, while results from soil samples extending the surface area of the company’s two previously identified gold targets at Slieve Glah by over 1km.In one of the newly discovered targets, one particularly interesting area measuring 1,000 metres by 500 metres has been identified, said the company. Gold values of up to 300 ppb (parts per billion) Au were recorded, said Conroy Gold, noting that in Ireland, gold values over 100ppb Au are considered “highly anomalous”.SignificantCompany chairman Professor Richard Conroy described the results as “very exciting” and “significant” They add, not only to the prospectivity of the very large targets at Slieve Glah but to the entire 30 mile gold trend that the company has discovered all lying within the company’s licence area.He said that it gives the company “great encouragement after doing several years’ exploration” in areas such as Clontibret. Conroy said that the company has “already done a lot of work” and this will now be followed up by some geochemistry work, but that the “ultimate test” is trenching the area to see what sort of gold is there.“Gold is increasingly required for the financial situation,” he said. “It’s already used to a very large extent. Its main value is as a bullion, as a reserve currency.”Conroy told that there is one gold mine in Ireland, located in Northern Ireland, and the gold is used for jewellery. He added: “People used to think that Ireland hadn’t got any natural resources and even today people today don’t fully realise that we have a significant mining industry which contributes substantially to the economy”.He added that Conroy Gold “may or may not” bring in a partner to work on the project with them.Read: Is Australia’s mining boom really over? Experts disagree…last_img read more

Provisional meeting scheduled between Siptu and PTSB over Newbridge Credit Union

first_imgMEMBERS OF THE SIPTU trade union at Newbridge Credit Union have a “provisional” meeting arranged with management of Permanent TSB tomorrow.A spokesperson for the trade union confirmed to that a meeting with management is scheduled to be held either tomorrow or Friday.SIPTU, which represents 30 of the 37 staff at Newbridge, said its workers have been treated disgracefully by management in recent weeks and want their future to be clarified.ManagementNewbridge Credit Union was taken over by Permanent TSB this week as it emerged that it had given out loans of up to €3.2 million – considerably more than the average credit union loan of €7,764.Members of Siptu at Newbridge Credit Union met yesterday evening to discuss the fall-out from the institution’s transfer to Permanent TSB.Today discussions about the takeover continued, with the head of the Irish League of Credit Unions dismissing reports that one quarter of the movement’s 393 individual establishments were in trouble and had been placed on a Central Bank watchlist.Speaking today in the Dáil, Eamon Gilmore said that there are twenty credit unions that have reported regulatory reserves below the minimum requirement.Read: Central Bank assessing issues at 100 credit unions>Read: Credit Union chief says there is “no evidence” 100 movements are in trouble>last_img read more

Facebook rolls out autoplay videos for mobile users

first_imgFACEBOOK’s NEWS FEED could get a whole lot busier as the company introduces auto-play videos, paving the way for video advertising further down the line.Similar to how videos play on Instagram, once you scroll down and see a video in your news feed, it will begin playing automatically. The company has been testing the feature over the past few weeks and is now bringing it to all users.Videos will be silent at first, and users can turn on sound by tapping on the video. Only videos uploaded from Facebook and Instagram will play automatically, while YouTube videos will still need to be selected to play.Currently, only videos from personal accounts and from musicians and bands will begin playing automatically. Facebook will extend the feature to other pages and services over time.For those conscious about using up data when playing videos, you can set it so that they only play when you’re connected to WiFi.iOS users have to go into the phone’s settings and scroll down to Facebook’s section to change it, while Android users must go into app settings on Facebook.Facebook has been planning on introducing video ads for a number of months. They were originally due to arrive during the summer, but the company was aware that they could upset users and so delayed its release. It’s expected that these ads would make their way to both mobile and desktop sometime next year.Read: Major tech companies ask US government to reform surveillance laws >Read: Be careful what you tweet: British social media users face fines >last_img read more

RTÉ saves €100000 by ending free RTÉ Guide for retired staff

first_imgRTÉ WILL SAVE €100,000 when they stop giving out free RTÉ Guides to retired staff.Company pensioners will no longer get a free weekly copy in the post, as it was proving too expensive.The broadcaster told that approximately 1,250 people were being posted the RTÉ Guide every week and that that the majority of the money saved will be from savings in postage costs. RTÉ has reviewed the practice of issuing a free copy of the RTÉ Guide to RTÉ pensioners. This will result in an annual saving of approximately €100,000. All former RTÉ staff were sent a letter telling them the news by RTÉ Senior Human Resources manager, Michael O’Brien.The Cork Evening Echo reports that the letter stated:I must inform you that RTÉ has decided that the weekly posted free distribution of the RTÉ Guide to pensioners is no longer sustainable as it costs in the region of €100,000 per annum. With effect from February 2014, the RTÉ Guide will not be posted to pensioners.When asked about the distribution of the RTÉ Guide in RTÉ itself, was told that there was a “supply for distribution in each building” but that “there was not a free copy of the RTÉ Guide for all workers”.This is seen as another step for RTÉ to cut their costs:RTÉ can confirm that it achieved a break-even result for 2013. This was due to extensive ongoing cost-saving across the organisation, saving which have seen over €135 million taken out of operating costs, and staff reductions of almost 500 people.RTÉ has had a reduction in revenues in recent years and they have stated that “voluntary pay cuts remain in place for all staff, and the suspension of increments and bonuses for managers remains”.Sharon Ní Bheoláin was not impressed by some dancers on the news last night>RTÉ releases recording of controversial God Slot show in advance of broadcast>last_img read more

Good sign for 2014 Car sales zoom ahead by 33 per cent

first_imgFeedback from dealers suggests that consumer interest is continuing with a noticeable increase in showroom footfall and there certainly is a sense of optimism in dealerships that hasn’t been apparent for many years.So what has encouraged people to spend on cars? “There may have been some built-up demand from last year and the earlier Budget may also have helped people to make the decision to buy,” said Nolan.“There is also a greater availability of affordable finance and an overall improvement in the confidence among Irish consumers.”He did note, however, that it is very early days “so we are still cautious in relation to where the market might end up this year”. Despite this, Nolan said that there is “a strong sense that we’re now above the bottom and beginning to move upwards”.Used carsAccording to SIMI, there appears to be a smaller proportion of registrations in the last few days of this January compared to 2013, “which is a sign that the stronger demand this year is being driven by consumers”.In addition, demand for used cars in dealerships has also been strong, while the supply of locally-sourced cars remains limited.There has been an increase in imported used cars, of 35 per cent on 2013 and 39 per cent over 2012. Around 50 per cent of imported used cars are recorded as being registered by motor dealers.SIMI also said that commercial vehicles saw improved levels of activity in January. Sales of LCVs (vans) were up 42 per cent on 2013 and 29 per cent on 2012, while HGVs (trucks) are 31 percent up on 2013 and 19 per cent better than in 2012.“The commercial vehicle market is more of an indication of what is happening in the Irish economy, confirming a noticeable increase in activity among small and medium businesses,” said Nolan.Read: A boost from the ’132′ plate, but overall drop of 6.4 per cent in new cars licensed in 2013>Read:  New number plates haven’t helped motor industry> WE BOUGHT one third more cars last month than we did in the same month last year, leading to some optimism among car dealers.SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) released the figures today, showing 22,927 new cars were bought in January 2014, up 33 per cent on last year (17,242) and 8 per cent up on 2012 (21,309).Alan Nolan, SIMI Director General, said that it was clear in December that there was a “strong demand for new 141 cars”, with dealers “reporting far better levels of activity in the lead-up to January”.last_img read more

Man in Belfast shot in both knees and both ankles

first_imgPOLICE IN WEST Belfast are currently attending an incident in the Corrib Avenue area in which a man was shot multiple times in the knees and ankles.At 6.50pm today, police said it is believe two men forced their way into a house and shot a man in his 30s “in both knees and both ankles”. He has been taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries which are not believed to be life threatening.Anyone with any information about this is asked to contact Grosvenor Road Police Station on 0845 600 8000. Or if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details, they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111.Read: 74-year-old man shot in Antrim while working in shed>Read: Families of Ballymurphy massacre victims to meet the Taoiseach today>last_img read more

These are Fine Gaels two European election candidates for MidlandsNorthWest

first_imgFINE GAEL TODAY formally selected sitting MEPs Jim Higgins and Mairead McGuinness to contest the Ireland Midlands-North-West constituency for the European Parliament elections in May.Higgins said it had been his privilege to represent the Irish people in the northwest constituency since 2004.The new Ireland Midlands-North-West constituency takes 15 counties in total and Higgins said it will be “challenging” to balance the different concerns of each county.Decisions made in Europe have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary people. Indeed, 60 per cent of our national legislation comes directly from Europe. This is why it is crucial for Ireland to be at the centre of European decision-making. McGuinness, told the party’s convention today that she had every confidence that Fine Gael could win two seats in the constituency on 23 May.“I believe that we are best equipped to give the Irish people the kind of representation that they deserve and need,” she said.“The issues to dominate the elections will be the economy, jobs and growth. The economic crisis has forced us to reassess and analyse our relationship with Europe,” McGuinness continued. “The challenge for the future is to rebuild a Europe of solidarity between nations and among European citizens, one that will have learned the right lessons from the financial collapse.”Tomorrow the party is expected to confirme boxer Kenny Egan as a local election candidate. Earlier today Labour announced sitting MEP Emer Costello would stand in the Dublin constituency.Read: Here’s who Labour has picked as its Dublin candidate for the European elections>Read: Mitchell cites technicality as he is only Irish MEP to abstain from EU anti-homophobia vote >last_img read more

A lot of guys havent really experienced what winning for their country

first_imgKearney trains with Eoin O’Malley and Darren Cave today. (©INPHO/Morgan Treacy)The spectacular, aerial takes that roused Irish supporters at the Aviva and Stade de France last season are not as frequent. Kearney’s reputation as a catalyst for attacks precedes him.“For me it’s quite frustrating,” he admitted, “because it was always a great way to get into games, get some ball and showcase my strengths. That’s something I’ve definitely struggled with throughout this campaign. It shows a little bit as well in terms of my own touches.“It’s a case of trying to not get too frustrated by it and trying to find other ways to get into the game, though that hasn’t been helped by the conditions we’ve been playing in.”Looming spoonAn Italian win and a French victory over Scotland could condemn Ireland to last place, something that gives Kearney pause for a long chin scratch before he replies:We haven’t spoken at all about the wooden spoon. We know we’re there or thereabouts for it.We just have to be driven performance-wise. The feeling going into the game is that we’re in a better place than we were last week. “We didn’t get the win, but our performance was upped and we looked like a better side. If we keep going in that direction we’ll be a good place.” The fullback believes Italy’s win over France, and their close call at Twickenham, dismisses the old preconception that they were walkovers.From studying their games, the Cooley native has spotted a side that are comfortable going through the phases and not ‘kicking away stupid ball’ or taking snatched drop goals.“My message to the team would be ‘win’, ” he said. “There’s a big difference between finishing third and finishing sixth. That’s a big jump there. There are a lot of guys in the team who haven’t really experienced what winning for their country feels like.”Kearney feels the players should be the ones held accountable for losing to the Scots at Murrayfield. The draw with France, he says, was due to an improved performance but he admits that injuries, and injured players soldiering on in the final minutes, ultimately robbed the team of a morale-boosting win.He said, “No team plays for 80 minutes, it’s just about trying to minimise it when the opposition get their purple patch. “Mostly throughout this campaign that’s been in the second 40 minutes. It’s about trying to make sure we get a few points on the board and keep it ticking over ourselves because that will make a big difference for us at the end.”‘I kind of got him perfectly’ – Sean O’Brien on bulldozing Yoann Huget ROB KEARNEY HAS the distinct feeling that people are avoiding him.Teams have grown wise to dangling high balls too close to the Irish fullback and, this season, the spectacular takes are more the exception than the rule.With Wales’ Leigh Halfpenny building up a Mr T collection of gold, man of the match, medallions and Stuart Hogg running in 70-metre tries, Kearney knows only too well that his place on the Lions tour has become a topic of discussion.“Of course it crosses your mind that this is the last major stage to impress Lions selectors,” Kearney told “Lions selection will have been going on throughout the last year. Although a huge amount of emphasis has been put on the Six Nations, it’s not the be-all and end-all.“It’s not the only shop window to stake your claim. It’s important to recognise that when the team does well, individuals do well. Once you start trying to play as individuals, that’s when the team suffers.”last_img read more

Reactions from world leaders to the election of Pope Francis

first_imgDespite the pressures and distractions of a more complex world, people all over the globe still yearn for a sense of spiritual meaning to their lives. Your leadership of the Church will therefore be of immense importance in providing ethical guidance and moral encouragement towards a world that is more just, more compassionate and more focused on a shared sense of community.The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, welcomed the decision to choose the first pope from the Americas as it shows a change within the Catholic Church. Mr Kenny added: “We pray that he will have the strength, the good health and the spiritual guidance needed to lead the Catholic Church in the many challenges it faces.”UN leader Ban Ki-Moon called on the new pope to build on efforts to improve relations between the world’s different religions. In a statement welcoming the election of the new pontiff, Ban said he was certain that Francis would “build on the legacy of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, in the promotion of inter-faith dialogue.”President Barack Obama offered “warm wishes” to Pope Francis and said the selection speaks to the strength and vitality of the Americas.British Prime Minister David Cameron said it was “a momentous day for the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.”In a joint statement, EU President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso, offered their “sincere congratulations” and urged Pope Francis to promote peace, solidarity and human dignity in a rapidly changing world.In Latin America, there were tears and cheers at the news that of the first pope from the hemisphere. Even in Communist Cuba, there was pride as church bells rang to celebrate the news.Pope Francis will be inaugurated at a mass on Tuesday.Additional reporting AP Read: And the new pope is… Jorge Mario Bergoglio > THE ARCHBISHOP OF Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been named as the new pontiff and will take the name Francis.The 76-year-old emerged from the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica to the cry of “Habemus Papam!” (“We Have a Pope!”), as tens of thousands of pilgrims broke down in tears, overcome with emotion.Elsewhere, world leaders have been sending their well wishes and already making calls on Pope Francis, the first pontiff from the Americas.President Michael D. Higgins issued a statement on behalf of the people of Ireland sending best wishes but acknowledging the tough job ahead of the new pontificate:last_img read more

Ukrainian president aims to ease fighting with weeklong ceasefire

first_imgUkraine’s new Western-backed president on Friday declared a week-long unilateral ceasefire and unveiled a sweeping plan for curbing a pro-Russian insurgency that killed 13 more soldiers in fierce clashes in the eastern rustbelt.“Today, on June 20, the ceasefire should begin. It will last through June 27,” Petro Poroshenko told local residents in a small village that served as a popular lakeside resort before Kiev unleashed a full-scale “anti-terror” campaign on April 13.The military operation’s official spokesman said that Ukrainian forces would formally halt fire at 1900 GMT.But a senior rebel commander immediately rejected the terms of Poroshenko’s plan for ending unceasing battles that have killed more than 375 people and left the ex-Soviet country on the verge of splitting in two.“No one will lay down their arms until a full troop withdrawal from our land,” said Valeriy Bolotov of the self-declared Lugansk People’s Republic. Pro-russian troops prepare to travel in a tank on a road near the town of Yanakiyevo, Donetsk Source: AP Photo/Dmitry LovetskyA Ukranian national security spokesman reported that the latest battles had claimed the lives of 13 soldiers — a toll underscoring the uptick in violence witnessed in the past week.The sense that tensions on the ground were rising was reinforced when Washington followed up similar charges from NATO by accusing the Kremlin of stirring up new trouble along its neighbour’s western frontier.A senior US administration official said Russia had deployed “significant” military forces near Ukraine “to provide active support for separatist fighters”.The US official said the troops were “the closest they have been (to the border) since the invasion of Crimea” in March.Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman had earlier confirmed deploying some units to “reinforce the protection of the Russian border”.Russia on Friday demanded an apology from Kiev over the “shooting” of a border post from Ukrainian territory that led to the wounding of a customs official, the Kremlin said.“The Russian side is waiting for an explanation and an apology in connection with this,” the Kremlin press office said according to Russian agencies.Russian investigators said earlier today they were probing the alleged shooting in the Dolzhansky border area close to where Ukrainian forces had been battling rebel fighters.- © AFP 2014Read: European gas shortage looms after Russia cuts Ukraine’s gas >last_img read more